So what's the damage?


If you need your design completely made, tweaked or vectored we can assist you. Most printing process require VECTOR artwork. EPS and AI files are ideal. Depending on your situation we might recommend redrawing to create a VECTOR. Any time we create a design for you at a cost you will receive a full VECTOR copy for your files and future use anywhere.

We do not charge for quick 10-15 minute designs.

Easy Artwork: $20

Average Artwork: $40

Complex Artwork: $60+

Full Vector Logo: $50-$200

Redraw from shirt: $60/ per side

Redraw from jpeg: $20-$60

Remove background: $25-$50

DTG - Direct To Garment

This amazing print process allows us to print in full color on any colored cotton shirts. There are no setup charges and pricing is based on sides being printed. Best for rush jobs and full color prints that would make screen printing expensive. Price breaks are for exact same artwork, each different design resets the quantity discount.


Single Piece: One side $15 | Two sides $23

2-5 Pieces: One side $12.50 | Two sides $20

6-11 Pieces: One side $10 | Two sides $17

12-23 Pieces: One side $9 | Two sides $15.50

24-35 Pieces: One side $8 | Two sides $14

36-47 Pieces: One side $8 | Two sides $12.50

48-99 Pieces: One side $8 | Two sides $11

100+ Pieces: One side $6 | Two sides $9.50

Screen Printing

The traditional way to print and the most cost effective. With an 18 piece minimum it's easy to save on medium to large runs. Setup charges include film and screen output at $35 per color per location. Screen setup is one time and re-orders will have the fee waived. VECTOR artwork is required for screen printing.


1 Color Print: $3

2 Color Print: $3.50

3 Color Print: $4

4 Color Print: $4.50

5 Color Print: $5

6 Color Print: $5.50

7 Color Print: $6

8 Color Print: $6.50


Remember that printing on dark garments requires a white underbase which is considered an additional color.

We offer additional discounts at 72, 200, 400 and 1000 pieces. Please call to get pricing.


Specialty inks such as Puff, Metallic and Glow in the Dark will have additional fees.


Perfect for hats and polos, embroidery offers a professional look on your apparel. Pricing is based on stitch count but will generally fall at our minimum. Embroidery does have a one time digitizing setup of $50 for normal sized embroidery and $100 for larger designs.


Normal Sized (2"-4") Chest Embroidery or Front of Hat Embroidery

$9 per item


Larger Embroidery

$10-$25 depending on stitch count


Metallic thread will have additional fees as well as hard to handle or unique placement items.

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